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Information Links

  • QuickCare - a pet insurance provider
  • Speaking of Dogs - is a Toronto based organization dedicated to educating and enlightening people about dogs through seminars, workshop forums and this site.
  • DogWise - a provider of "All Things Dog".
  • Mungo’s Books for Dog People - Your Canadian source for great dog books & training tools  
  • Doggonesafe - Non-profit dedicated to dog bite prevention and support, with photos, videos, articles and other downloads for kids and parents.
  • Doggonecrazy - Doggone Crazy! board game – a fun way to teach kids how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs.
  • Therapeutic Paws of Canada - A non profit charitable organisation with volunteers visiting senior facilities, hospitals etc.
  • CanuckDogs - A national dog event web site
  • Chewber - Great new Canadian dog toy and training tool. Recommended by vets and trainers.
  • Dogfood project - Dog food information and comparisons
  • DOGSAFE Canine First Aid - Comprehensive courses on canine first aid and safety
  • Whole Dog Journal - Monthly guide to natural dog care and training
  • Dog Star Daily - Ian Dunbar’s site full of great tips and resources - new info daily
  • My Smart Puppy - The site by Sara Wilson that offers discussions and many training tips.  Changes frequently.
  • Dog Food Reviews - Dog Food Reviews, Ratings & Analysis of all Major Dog Food Brands

This page last updated November 14, 2012

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